Sun Java Certification

Java Certification

Since its inception in 1995, Java technology has grown in popularity and usage because of its true portability, and so has the esteemed Sun Java Certification. The Java platform allows you to run the same application on different operating systems.

Java Certification : When should you think of it?

Learning a technology and working on a technology complements each other. Learning a technology gives you the overview of how things need to be done. And working on a technology helps you understand the in-depth details of getting work done using that technology. Most of the time, when you are working on a project you cover certain specific areas of technology required in that project.

Java Certification : Which one should you take?

Sun has identified 3 job profiles for those working with Java. You can choose the profile depending on your current working domain or the domain you wish to diversify into.

Programmer: Anyone who has a basic understanding of Java (Standard Edition) and can write code for well-defined design applications can be a programmer and the corresponding certification is SCJP.

SCJP: A Sun Certified Java Programmer uses J2SE technologies to demonstrate the programming competence on Java platform.

Developer: An SCJP having good knowledge of design principles and competence to apply them to develop large software applications can be a developer. The certifications that can strengthen the career path of a developer are SCWCD, SCBCD, SCMAD and SCDJWS.
SCWCD: A Sun Certified Web Component Developer develops J2EE applications using web components.
SCBCD: A Sun Certified Business Component Developer develops business applications using EJBs and J2EE technologies.
SCMAD: A Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer is an experienced J2EE/J2SE programmer who has diversified into the mobile applications development arena.
SCDJWS: A Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services has a standard level of proficiency with web services, as well as with the Java technologies that support web services.

Architect: For an experienced java professional designing or aspire to design large enterprise systems with dozens, or hundreds of servers, the right certification would be SCEA or Sun Certified Enterprise Architect.
SCEA: A Sun Certified Enterprise Architect produces an enterprise architecture using J2EE technologies.

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