Nortel Certification

Certification Overview

Nortel delivers an industry-leading global certification program that sets the standards for designing, installing, and supporting Nortel products and solutions. Our Professional Certification Program provides fast, flexible paths to achieving Nortel Certification, including segment exams and/or the ability to complete a certification exam while in the classroom. Click here to view the complete list of enhancements, including a list of certifications that will have segment exams.

We use skills-based exams to test your skills and knowledge, validating your competency on our highly technical products and solutions that encompass Security, Mobility and Mulitmedia Communications.

Certification Guide -
This document details everything you need to know about Nortel certification, including an overview of the program, registration information, and tips for navigating the web site. This document also includes a complete listing of all available and in-development certifications.

View certification guide (, 315k) -

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