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Microsoft MCSE Certification: Introduction
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, MCSEs, design and implement an infrastructure for business solutions based on the Windows platform (2000) and Microsoft Servers System (2003). Both of these MCSE tracks include specializations in:


Microsoft MCSE Training Tips & Hints:
This section contains everything you need to know about taking the certification exam. It includes identification of the resources you will need to prepare for the exam; instructions on how to register for the exam; a representation of the probable physical circumstances of the exam situation; a detailed description of the various formats in which the exam is presented; and suggestions about the strategies you should adopt in taking each type of exam.
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MCSE on Microsoft Windows 2000
This track is appropriate for IT professionals working in the typically complex computing environment of medium-to-large organizations. These professionals design and implement business infrastructures based on Windows 2000 platform.

MCSE on Windows Server 2003
Track for Windows Server 2003 includes all the functionalities of the Windows Server Operating System, such as security, reliability, availability, and scalability. Earning these Certifications validates your ability to make infrastructures more efficient, keep everyone productive, and deliver more applications. These tasks on the latest Microsoft server operating system demonstrate your expertise to employers, clients, and peers.

How to prepare for MCSE?
You have identified your goal and are ready to prepare yourself for this highly Specialized Microsoft Certification Exam. You want to score high, the course is large and the time is less. The question is:

How to prepare fast and accurate?
How to focus on important topics first, master them fast and retain what you've learnt? Learn how to master the course and prepare scientifically with the help of MCSE Exam Preparation Guide.

Benefits of MCSE Certification
MCSE Certifications are among the most specialized certifications available today. Microsoft Certifications give you industry recognition for your expertise in Microsoft products and technologies.

Industry trend shows that with each certification there is an increase in the salary of certificate holders. Additionally, multiple certifications directly correlate to further increases. According to Fairfield Research survey on certified professionals, Microsoft Certifications give 12.6% salary increase.

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