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Why should anyone gain Cisco certification?

Skills Shortage - To date there is a global skills shortage in the area of internetworking.
Qualified experts are awarded the highest starting salaries and receive the highest career earnings.
Cisco certification offers a defined career path with significant personal growth.
The Cisco career certification path is the most successful in the entire IT industry.
Cisco forecast a significant shortage for qualified experts at CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, CCIP, CCSP, CCVP and CCIE levels worldwide as web enabled commerce and supply chain management accelerates.

CCNA Exam Tips

Here are some tips that may seem common sense, but are very important when taking the CCNA exam:

* Do not schedule an exam if you are not confident in your skills yet.
* Analyze questions by eliminating the obviously wrong answers first.
* If you still have more than one choice after elimination and you have no idea what the answer is, make an educated guess. Do not spend too much time on the question.
*Whatever happens, DON'T PANIC! Even if you think you are doing bad on the exam, that may not be the case. You may be surprised, as you will probably get a better score than you expected. This has to do with Cisco's scoring system. It generally works in your favor.
*Very important: On the simulation scenarios, after making all changes, save your config "copy run start". If you don't do that, even if everything else is correct, you will lose points.

CCNA Practice Questions

You'll find some CCNA Practice Question on the following link:
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CCNA Practice Tests

You'll find some CCNA Practice Tests on the following link:
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CCNA Resource

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